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Зіркова спортсмена шокувала фанатів оголеною фотографією

Легендарний боєць WWE Келлі Келлі поділилася з шанувальниками еротичною фотографією

Про це повідомляє Depo.Сектор.

Фотографія, на якій знаменита спортсменка одягнена тільки в білий топ, опублікована в інстаграмі.


From my point of view as a woman you can be shamed for your body type at all ages through life. As a adolescent you can be the "skinny" or "fat" kid. As a teen you can be laughed at for going through that "imaginary" awkward stage we call puberty. Then we hit our 20’s and are told this is your prime your never going to look as good as you do now. Yes even from our elders, and to live it up girl! Now while yes; I do get complements, as many complements as I get, I also get told of things I’m not. That I’m not 21 and that I shouldn’t wear this, do that or act this way anymore because someone is telling me I shouldn’t on social media. Recently I was told I needed some curves and then I would be great, because I looked to skinny in a picture. While also being defended "by not-myself" to be skinny because well skinny is always "better". My point to all of this is, I’m am done being bullied by what someone else believes to be my best especially on the internet. I have struggled finding inner love within myself for my flaws and for my attributes, because society showcases what it believes to be perfection (daily). However now I’ve found love within and I love every inch of me at all stages. Truth be told some days as a woman I wake up and feel great and maybe even a little skinnier that morning. However some days I wake up and don’t feel that great, and choose to not give a damn and Ive learned to love that to. So my point to this is LOVE YOU however you choose to love yourself rather it be that day, that week that month or year. Don’t be bullied into thinking your not good enough to BARE it all at any size or shape thick or thin. We are all beautiful in every way ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Публикация от Barbie Blank (@thebarbieblank)

Келлі Келлі (справжнє ім'я Барбара Джин Бланк) - рестлер, яка виступала в WWE в 2006-12 роках, вона була чемпіонкою промоушена. У 2017 році Келлі повернулася в WWE.

Вона одружена з канадським хокеїстом Шелдоном Сурі, срібним призером чемпіонату світу 2005 року. Шелдон відомий за виступами за "Монреаль Канадієнс", "Едмонтон Ойлерз", "Даллас Старз", "Анахайм Дакс".

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